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Veronica Mars Fanfiction Utopia


Veronica Mars Fanfic Utopia
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VMFanficUtopia is the brainchild of several posters at TWoP, who became frustrated during the summer after the first season, as both writers and readers, when the fic started to taper off during the hiatus. We thought it would be a great idea to inspire writers by issuing challenges to be completed within three weeks, with awards given at the end of each session.

What makes VMFanficUtopia different, is that we try to focus on different characters than just the main ones, to really open up people's imaginations beyond just 'shipper fic (though we certainly welcome that, too). Challenges have included depicting how secondary and tertiary characters spent their summer break, or how various characters (including the adults in Neptune) might have originally met. Our main objective was to create a community that is open to all writers, and open to all characters. The community is only run during lengthy hiatuses from the show, as what we really try to do is challenge people to think creatively when inspiration may be running low. Anyone is welcome to join, as a writer or a reader, and all past fic is archived in the memories for everyone to enjoy.


1. For each challenge, fics should be one-shots - no series fics.
2. Only fics 1000 words or longer will be judged in the main category. However, shorter fics are welcome to be posted. If, during a given challenge, we get several fics under 1000 words, we'll have a separate poll for best ficlet.
3. Each challenge will end with reader polls determining various awards. Additionally, there will be a Judges' Choice award. The judging panel are all anonymous and separate from the moderators - the moderators only have contact with the head judge, who oversees the voting and passes along the results.
4. If you have already written and posted a fanfic previously that fits the requirements of the current challenge, by all means, feel free to enter it.
5. The moderators will take a fairly loose stance on whether or not fics meet the guidelines = we're looking to inspire people, not constrain them. However, if a fic really doesn't seem to meet the criteria, we reserve the right to ask you to remove it.
6. All stories should be posted under an lj-cut.
7. Stories should have the following headers:

Word Count:
Author's Note:

Other Community Rules:

1. All concrit is more than welcome. Flaming is not welcome at all.
2. Please don't pimp your community. If you think your community would meld well with ours, please send us an email.

Getting The Word Out:

We'd appreciate it if, during a challenge period, you'd use this banner (made by the lovely txtequilanights) to let people know about the community. You're also welcome to keep it in your user info. All the cool kids are doing it.